SPOTT'S BEE HAVEN: 21st April 10amCome along and help or watch what's happening around the area of the front of the church.  Staff from East Lothian Council and conservationist volunteers will be there to plant in that area and will also chat about bumblebees (an endangered species).  It's a great opportunity to share and enjoy bee and biodiversity knowledge, which will hopefully lead to more wildflower planting in the village.  There will be monthly bee surveys to note our progress and the result will be logged with the Bee Conservation Trust.  Free packets of seeds and bee identification sheets will be given away!  

Get to know your bumbles �� 

There have already been one or two brave bumblebees spotted buzzing around East Lothian and it won’t be long before they all emerge from hibernation.  Now is the easiest time to get started with bumblebee ID as the season starts with just queens.  Large and not too speedy, they are perfect for beginners.  Sit in the sun by a promising patch of flowers and see what turns up!  

Red-tailed bumblebee (has a red tail otherwise all black)

Buff-tailed bumblebee (has a buff tail and some yellow stripes

Early bumblebee (has an orange tail and some yellow stripes) 

Common Carder bumblebee (orangey all over)